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Founder of Homeschool SOS

My name is Jacqueline McCauley. I was a home educator for 12 years, teaching my six children, while also working full-time.


The 12 years I taught at home, I also worked as a supervisor for Parson’s Brinkerhoff. On the side I ran a successful homeschooling support group called Prairie H.O.M.E (Homes of Meaningful Education), that served the Eastern Corridor of Colorado. I have been included in homeschooling books, spoken at homeschooling networks and events and am a big proponent of delight-directed learning.


I have a BS in Business and an MBA from Pepperdine. Lastly, I have held positions in various tech companies in operations, finance, and Human Resources. I have also been a consultant to many businesses and now focus my consulting on parents and care-givers, who are not only work full-time, but are now dealing with working from home and the now have the added responsibility of homeschooling thier children during the Covid-19 outbreak.


My career in homeschooling began when my oldest daughter was 5 and two sons that were 3 and 2 years old. My then 3-year-old had been diagnosed at birth with GoldenHars Syndrome. While this syndrome effected his hearing the most, he was tested quarterly and was always found to be without any delays. When my son turned 3, our local school district said he must have a test at our local school district for early intervention measures.

When we arrived for testing I had asked to be present during the Individual Assessment and was turned down. After the test the principal of the school came out and stated that my son was quite delayed and must begin early intervention as quickly as possible.

As we were leaving, my son was holding my hand and I asked him how did it go? He said, “It was ok. Can we go to McDonald’s?”. As luck would have it, one of the assessors was behind us. She stopped me and said they absolutely must have made an error because my son just said about an 7 word sentence; important because not only was he only 3 but he was mostly deaf. She said we needed to retest and went and told the group. We rescheduled, but this time I asked to be present.

We came back for testing, and it did not start out well. One of the assessors would ask my son to stack blocks and other directions; he did not follow any of their requests. I stepped in and said let me show you something. I got my son’s attention using my hand and telling him to look at me. I repeated what they had asked, and he followed every direction I gave him. Just by getting his attention to me, my voice, and my mouth. The assessors agreed that he was not delayed, but would benefit from early intervention. Luck would have it that the lady who has walked behind disagreed. She represented the Texas School of the Deaf and said, your son is only deaf and integrating him into early learning with other children with delays and other, he will act out as his peers do. Children who are deaf really only need help in getting understanding on what is being taught. She asked if I would be interested in their home intervention, they would send me curriculum to use with him and get evaluated in 6 months. I agreed that would be better for all involved, thus my homeschooling career began.

Successful Outcomes

My children have grown up and become successful in their own right – despite or precisely because
of homeschooling!



My oldest daughter, who was homeschooled her whole educational career became an. enrollment counselor for University of Arizona. Later, she went back to school to become an esthetician, while raising three wonderful children. 


My son in the story was homeschooled until 9th grade. He did alright through high school and excelled at a technical school. He is an auto mechanic with his own business.


My 2nd son was homeschooled through 7th grade. While he really hated high school, he excelled both in trade school and college. He is currently a business owner of a successful landscape company.


My 2nd daughter was homeschooled through 5th grade. She did well through school and is currently a social worker. She acquired her BS from Colorado University and currently finishing her Master’s degree in
Criminology and Cyber Security, in hopes of being accepted into the police academy.


My 5th child (3rd daughter) was homeschooled through 4th grade. She excelled in school and has a BS in business from Chapman University and MS in Large data management from Pepperdine University. She is a senior operations analyst consultant.



My youngest daughter, while one could argue was not technically homeschooled, was I taught to read early on and then attended school here kindergarten year. She participated in all the homeschool activities while I taught all the other kids. She holds a BS in business & Entrepreneurship from Chapman. She also is an
associate for a prominent medical supply company.

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