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The launch of Homeschool SOS came from the desire to partner with you in this new homeschool endeavor due to the medical and economic crisis we find ourselves in. 


Homeschool SOS consulting is for parents and care-givers, who may be working full-time or not, but now have the added responsibility of the education of their children during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Homeschool SOS is here to offer support, tips and tricks of the trade, and Homeschool life-hacks; we provide consultation for those parents and caregivers when they need it most!

The newly added stress of working from home, caring for everyone in the home, and homeschooling can be difficult; if we can provide some relief and assistance in that time of need, then the mission of Homeschool SOS has been accomplished.

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Founder of Homeschool SOS

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jacqueline McCauley. I was a home educator for 12 years, teaching my six children, while also working full-time.

My Mission

I believe this homeschooling, while we shelter at home, may be short lived and not a life choice to homeschool. This time, though, is quite an opportunity! Renewing and building our relationships with our families. As caregivers and parents, we need to rise up and lead our families. It is an opportunity for employers; they now recognize this as a possible new norm. We are seeing that employees can both be successful at their profession and also be successful at being a parent; understanding that grace goes a long way without compromise to successful business outcomes.


Families are being asked to work from home, keep their children home, school them, and do it all with excellence. This can be a win/win situation during such adversity.


Although I did homeschool for 12 years, those choices were made under different circumstances and belief systems. I have also run various companies, spanning the globe, from my home office. You are being asked to do something that is stressful, but is very doable. If we can provide you life hacks, sounding board, and information based from experience, then Homeschool SOS is for you.


We aim to assist parents/caregivers concerned about the long-term outcomes regarding their children’s education during this medical and economic crisis we are in. 

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Book a free 15 minute consultation!